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Very good restaurant

Its prices are high, but honestly, the food I eat has an excellent advantage

See the restaurant in terms of service and quality

Through the experience the service is pleasant and the food is of a good quality and the place is nice evening

Meals prices are possible

Wonderful with everything

Is eating in the restaurant permitted and is there a place for families?

Yes, and there are internal and external sessions

Can I have WhatsApp number for the restaurant owner?

The phone number of Damascus Bride Restaurant. Sharjah Passport Road ... 06 ----- 5739900

The best restaurant I've visited is this restaurant

The visit ... and good tasting food and prices are suitable for everyone

A very special restaurant ... I thank the owner for his outstanding management of the restaurant

Excellent restaurant

Peace be upon you How do we see the minio to know the available food and prices Do you accept payment by Visa?

Peace be upon you, I am just a customer, but for my experience, the prices are high, above average, the place is nice, the deal is excellent, and I expect to have a cash or even a pizza and wish you luck.

Is there a place for families and no

Yes, there are

Do i need to make reservation for iftar ( 3 person).

To get good serves and nice place book before u go

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